Red Gill Original Sand Eel Raver 178mm

Red Gill Lures are the original and ultimate imitation sand eel bait. Due to its unique tail action the eel provides a life like imitation of an injured sand eel making it irresistible to predatory species. Can be fished either from shore or boat; usually on a long flowing trace ,which will help to give the lure the best possible fish catching action.These lures will out fish and out last most other artificial baits on the market. 
Features include: 
  • Ultra Tough
  • Unique tail pattern and swimming action
  • Fitted with Super Sharp Sakuma hooks 


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Weight 0.25 kg

Black Ice, Black Luminous (Glow), Black Silver, Blue Fleck, Blue Gold Dust, Blue Luminous (Glow), Blue On Fire, Blue Pearl, Blue Silver, Blue Tiger, Blue White, Bright Red, Clear Fleck, Deadly Night Shade, Fire Fleck, Gold Fleck, Green Luminous (Glow), Ice Fleck, Luminous (Glow), Natural Silver, Orange, Purple Luminous (Glow), Red Fleck, Red Luminous, Red Pearl, Red White, Red Yellow, Silver Pearl, White, Yellow, Yellow Luminous (Glow)




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