Halco Sorcerer 150

Sorcerer 150 Specs

Product Name S150, S150 D, S150 XDD
Trolling Speed 1-7 Knots
Weight 30 Grams
Length 150mm, 5.9 Inches
Hooks #1 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Applications Casting, Trolling
Buoyancy Floating


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Although mainly trolled, the 150 is a great casting lure for big salt and fresh water species. The “butterknife” tail aid in easy casting and the lure quickly descends to the depth engraved on the lure bib. When trolling areas of structure, the buoyancy of the lure and the “butterknife” tail allow the lure to back off any snags after the line has been allowed to slacken off. It may not work every time but is essential when trolling down close to structure that may snag your lure.

To achieve an even faster trolling speed, remove the center hook. If you wish to use heavier hooks, then use Mustad 2/0’s on the front and rear hook hanger. Do not put one on the center hook hanger. It will upset the balance of the lure as well as causing hook meshing.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

#1264 Lime Theo, #1291 Arki, #1315 Orange Chrtreuse Bone, #1316 TAXI, 1354 GREEN FLUORO, 1355 ORANGE FLUORO, 1356 BLACK FLUORO, 1357 WHITE FLUORO, H87 Hoodlum, H88 GREAT WHITE, H89 LUMO, H90 BLUE FLUORO, #1057 Gillo, #1059 H9 Greece, #1171 H7 Greece Fluoro, #1173 Aegean Tiger, #1174 Blue Theo, #1175 Ham Bone, #1203 Black Jack, #1222 Theo, #1236 Leo, #879 Orange Juice, H50 Pilhard, H52 Fluoro Green, H53 White Red Head, H57 Baitfish, H58 Mackerel Blue, H68 Flamin Hot, H69 Bonito, H70 King Brown, H73 Fusiler, H78 Red Neck, H79 Stripey, H81 Liquid Lime, H85 Fifo, H86 Axel, R1 Pink Fluoro, R11 Chrome Gold Orange Back, R15 Chrome Pink, R19 Psychedelic Pink Head, R2 Blue Stripe, R21 Chrome Silver Multi, R24 Deep Purple, R25 Mullet, R26 Golden Green, R31 Brown Panther, R32 Natural Wonder "Swamp Dog", R4 Red Stripe, R49 Chrome Tiger, R5 Fire Fin, R7 Green Fluoro, R8 Orange Chartreuse

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