Halco Hamma 123

Hamma 123 Specs

Product Name HAM123, HAM123D, HAM123XDD
Trolling Speed Slow to Fast Retrieve
Weight 28 Grams
Length 123mm, 4.8 Inches
Hooks #2 Mustad 5XX Trebles
Applications Casting
Buoyancy Controlled Rise


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The Hamma 123 is the largest in the Hamma series. It is a clear-bodied, suspending casting lure supplied with multiple, easily changeable bibs of varying depths. The Halco Hamma 123 has tackled the world’s toughest and most iconic sportfish including Barramundi, Black Bass, Mangrove Jack, Tigerfish and Tarpon.

Many months have been spent on research and development to ensure the Halco Hamma 123 can withstand the force of game fish. Clear bodied lure technology combined with extra strong #2 Mustad 5XX trebles gives this product the strength it needs to tackle the big guys. Swimming at 1m (STD) and 3m (DD) this controlled rise casting lure weighs 28 grams and is ideal for a slow to fast retrieve.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Swimming Depth





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